Mexico Needs Apple-A-Day!

Around the world, obesity is fast becoming a leading cause of major health issues, even death. Bad eating habits, low incomes and poor education are all causes to this epidemic. 

Recently, Mexico's obesity rate (32.8 percent) has surpassed that of the United States (31.8). This is not a time to celebrate for no longer being the most obese country in the Americas but a sad reminder that there is much at stake. This issue going on in our country as well as in other countries must come to an end immediately. 

At Apple-A-Day, we strive to be more than just a great delivery service, we hope to play a part in the changes in daily eating habits. As people spend much of their day at work, we believe having easy access to a healthy snack will create better eating habits that lead into people's lives outside of the workplace.

You do not have to be a millionaire to live healthy, you just have to be smart about the choices you make when putting food in your body. Grab an apple (or other fruit or vegetable) instead of that terrible processed snack. 

For further details on Mexico's obesity situation, check out Huffington Post's article here.