Office Fresh Fruit Delivery: How to choose your produce vendor

What should you consider when choosing a produce vendor for your office?

 It may sound like a simple job, but choosing a fruit vendor that doesn't fit your office needs can be an expensive headache for everyone. Consider the three topics below before making your decision.


Automated stocking & delivery

 How many times has your Costco order been late? Has AmazonFresh “forgot” one of your items? These things simply don’t happen with a smaller customer service centered business like ThirdLeaf NW. We understand office managers; facilities and admin assistants are some of the busiest people out there. Do they really have an extra 2-5 hours per week to deal with fresh fruit delivery? We don’t think so. That’s why ThirdLeaf hand selects, delivers and stocks your fruit right were you want it. Your order, based on your employee count remains constant week by week. This ensures a steady rotation of the best local fruit available, delivered on a consistent, automated basis.


 Fruit Variety

 Office tastes vary constantly. New hires, new diets and seasons are huge factors in what type of fruit your employees will want to eat each week. Stocking the same fruit every Monday is a great way for employees to lose interest in mediocre “same old” options.

To make sure there is something for everyone, you need a variety of multiple kinds of fruit. This is where ThirdLeaf can help. Do you know what time harvest is for a Cara Cara orange? We do. Do you know what a Cosmic Crisp apple is? Should you offer it to your employees? We think so. Leave fruit selection to the people who know it best – farmers, not admin assistants.


Fruit Quality

 All of the above fruit variety is worthless unless each piece looks and tastes great. No one reaches into the back of your office fridge hoping to find a slightly bruised apple. Your fruit needs to be displayed in a high traffic area, in an attractive way, enticing your staff to reach for it.   This is why we hand select and deliver each piece of our fruit: to ensure our quality standards are met at all times. Seasonal fruit varieties that rotate weekly are a great way to guarantee an excellent product in your office.


That's all for today, thanks for reading!

The Apple Lady

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