Fruit Varieties.

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This means if we grow it in Washington, we source it in Washington.

Apple Varieties

Fuji Pink Lady Honeycrisp Cameo
Jonagold Gala Golden Delicious Granny Smith
Opal Red Delicious Braeburn & more!

Seasonal Varieties 

Bananas Pears Grapes Grapefruit
Mangos Blackberries Nectarines Peaches
Navel Oranges Plums Blood Oranges Raspberries
Satsumas Strawberries Kiwi & more!

Don't already have a favorite apple? Check out these juicy descriptions to see what you fancy! 

  • GALA - These have a mild and sweet flavor. They have been ranked at number 2 on the US Apple Association's list of most popular apples.
  • FUJI - This tasty treat is a hybrid originally from Japan and named after a town named Fujisaki. (Not, contrary to popular belief, Mount Fuji.)
  • PINK LADY - A tart and crisp delight that is also known as a Cripps Pink. It was cultivated by John Cripps as a cross between a Golden Delicious and an Australian apple called Lady Williams to combine the best features of both apples.
  • HONEY CRISP - There are very few people who don't do flips over Honeycrisps! It is the ideal apple to eat raw because of its sweetness, firmness, and tartness. Yum!
  • GOLDEN DELICIOUS - A large, yellowish skinned apple that is very sweet to the taste. (It's also the official state fruit of West Virginia!)
  • CAMEO - Discovered in a Washington orchard by chance in 1987, this apple may be a cross between a Red Delicious and a Golden Delicious. What is certain, however, is its aromatic flavor accompanying a crisp texture.
  • GRANNY SMITH - Another favorite, the Granny Smith has a crisp, juicy flesh. If you want to wake up your tastebuds, then this green beauty will do the trick!
  • RED DELICIOUS - A classic apple that harkens back to childhood school lunches, the Red Delicious is a staple apple that can always been enjoyed when chilled and sliced.
  • BRAEBURN - These sweet and crunchy treats are known to have a burst of flavor when bitten into. Their sweet and tart flavor deliver a delicious and refreshing treat especially when chilled.