What’s the story behind Apple-A-Day?

Apple-A-Day was created by two entrepreneurial sisters (Danielle & Megan) in 2009. The sisters had just graduated high school in Yakima, WA and needed summer jobs. Rather than working for someone else, they remembered their father’s idea for a company that could deliver healthy snacks to offices.

The goal was to sign up 50 companies with a promise of delivery starting in September 2009. At the end of summer, 35 businesses were on board. Rather than feel discouraged, Danielle and Megan decided to buy a delivery van and launch the company. The sisters decided they could work Apple-A-Day on the side while attending WSU in the Fall. 

After a few years of working Apple-A-Day, they knew they were onto something. The excitement of a young growing business interested a third good friend and potential owner from WSU, Lexi.

Danielle, Megan and Lexi led team Apple to win a number of start-up awards and realized the newly formed trio was stronger than ever. The women were ready to take Apple-A-Day to the rest of the state.

Upon graduation from Washington State there was a bit of a rocky transition from small town business to city life, but the small team was able to gain a following of supportive clients.

 Apple-A-Day has now become one of the top fruit at work providers in the State. The company covers the Greater Seattle Area north into Everett, South to Tacoma, East to North Bend, and of course, Eastern Washington.

The Team

  • Danielle

  • Lexi

  • Megan

  • Zach

  • Matt

  • Stephanie

  • Angie

  • Justin

  • Levi

  • Lonnie