What’s the story behind Apple-A-Day?

Apple-A-Day was created by two entrepreneurial sisters in 2009 (Danielle & Megan). They had just graduated high school in Yakima, WA and needed summer jobs. The sisters remembered their father's idea for a company that could deliver healthier options to people in the office. 

After a few years of cold calling businesses in Yakima while attending college, they knew they were onto something. The excitement of a young growing business interested a third good friend from WSU, Lexi.

Upon graduation, the trio decided it was time to bring Apple-A-Day to the Seattle area. Apple-A-Day now services over 300 offices in Washington, through a simple vision of making our state healthier, one local snack at a time. 

The Team

  • Danielle

  • Lexi

  • Megan

  • Zach

  • Matt

  • Stephanie

  • Angie

  • Justin

  • Lonnie

  • Dennis

  • Jake

  • Jose